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(Information from the Visi-Pitch Website)

clinician-boy-gamesrevVisi-Pitch™ provides the most widely used clinical instrumentation tool for speech-language pathologists.

As a clinical tool, Visi-Pitch offers clinicians an unmatched assortment of powerful methods to assess and treat their clients. Since its introduction in 1978, Visi-Pitch has become an indispensable tool in speech clinics worldwide.

Its reputation has been earned by highly reliable performance and a versatile set of features. Now with eight standard modules, Visi-Pitch can be used with virtually every type of communication disorder in both assessment and therapy tasks. Critical speech and voice parameters are extracted and displayed in true real-time to help clients achieve therapy goals with visual feedback. Computerized biofeedback provides voice analysis and individualized treatment.


  • Voice Disorders
  • Motor Speech Disorders
  • Voice Typing
  • Selected Articulation Training
  • Hearing-Impaired Speech
  • Professional Voice
  • Accent Reduction
  • Second Language Learning


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